Brock, paper, scissors

Finding my creative identity through OCA

What’s new?

It feels like I’ve done quite a lot of work leading up to assignment 1, but when I look through the blog, it feels as though there really isn’t that much to show for it.  Maybe it feels that way due to setting up the blog, which really took some thinking along with lots of deleting and re-arranging.  Should be easier from now on.

So I submitted my first lot of work, or shared my learning log with my tutor, and to my surprise I had my feedback the next day! I was really happy with the comments and have lots to work through.  Plenty of helpful advice and ideas on artists to look at for a bit of inspiration.  I’d like to work through this before starting on part 2.  Will add feedback comments in more detail under my Assignments tab (still to come).

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