Brock, paper, scissors

Finding my creative identity through OCA

Drawing in short and long bursts

This exercise involved standing at an easel with an A1 size sheet at eye-level and using charcoal.

The short bursts were made in a fast, rhythmic fashion, counting to five before moving elsewhere on the page.  I found working in this way made me feel more compact and restricted.  It was only when stepping back to take a look that I realised my marks were all around the centre of the paper.  I tried to fill more space and work outwards more, but it was a conscious effort rather than a natural movement.  This style of movement felt better with sharper edges, showing exact strokes of the charcoal. (I forgot to take a photo at this point, before moving onto the long burst stage, but below is an area that wasn’t worked on too much with the long bursts.)

Short bursts

Using longer, slower strokes created more rounded, fuller strokes.  With both hands my body felt more relaxed and connected to the piece, moving with the charcoal. I particularly liked using the charcoal on it’s side until it wore out and then adding a fresh, sharper mark over the top of this.  I found that using my left hand created a harder, denser mark than my right.

Long bursts
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