Brock, paper, scissors

Finding my creative identity through OCA

Fingers, wrist, elbow, shoulder


Using a small sketchbook and holding firstly a pencil, then a pen with the tips of fingers and thumb and moving only the wrist, there really wasn’t much control over the marks being made. There was a small range of motion and the marks were very light. With a pen there was even less control and certain areas didn’t mark, just scratched.



Then using an A1 sheet of paper and charcoal sticks, I stood at arms length from the upright paper and tried making downward strokes firstly with the right hand, then the left working inwards from each side.  I found this worked better with quicker strokes.  It felt a lot more controlled being further back from the paper and having a larger range of motion.  Moving further back helped to control the straightness of the lines, but this way of working feels quite stiff.


img_0500.jpgWorking from the shoulder feels more fluid, especially with the right arm.  The left was a little stiff, but soon loosened.  Working on a larger scale and using more movement feels a lot more natural and completely different to how I would normally work.  Definitely something to explore more of in the future.


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