Brock, paper, scissors

Finding my creative identity through OCA

Drawing small and big

The first few projects are about focusing on how you work as an artist, what happens other than pencil meets paper.  What happens when you do things a little differently like drawing with your wrong hand…

Drawing small (A5)

The first right hand drawing task felt very natural, it was quite free-flowing and fast with no effort or thought. The shapes are a similar size and shape and the lines are effortlessly neat.

The left handed drawing was completely different. This was the first time I’d tried drawing with my wrong hand, so it felt quite sporadic. I had to really concentrate and tried drawing right to left, then left to right  which seemed easier.  With the left hand the shapes seemed to touch the one above as a guidance, rather than trying to keep in line.  This is more apparent in drawing 4 where the line has quite a steep incline on the right.

The position of my hand was the same for both, with the full side of my hand resting on the page however, the movement with my left arm was more as there was less reach with my fingers.  It also felt a lot more jumpy rather than flowing. With the right hand I was drawing 7 shapes before moving position whereas with the left it was only 2 or 3.

The second with the right hand was quicker and neater with the circles almost joined together like a chain.  With the left hand I was trying to speed it up and be more fluid to match that of the right hand, but it resulted in larger circles with a much broader spectrum of shape and more white space in between.




I like the idea of using both hands to get different results and wonder if, with practice the left hand would loosen up and become stronger.

Drawing Big (A1)

This time I used an A1 sheet of paper and compressed charcoal to make larger marks.  Working bigger seems more relaxed with both arms.  It feels more fluid as the whole arm is involved rather than just the wrists and hands.  It was a lot quicker working this way and felt quite loose and natural.

Reflecting back on the smaller drawings I realise that my body was a lot stiffer and hunched over quite small rather than standing tall and moving along with the charcoal as working from one side of the paper to the other on the A1 project.

Right then left hand drawing
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