Brock, paper, scissors

Finding my creative identity through OCA

About me

Although I haven’t taken a formal artistic pathway creativity is something that’s always been a constant.  After studying art at A-level I chose to get a job rather than further studies which didn’t last long as I started making wedding stationery and greetings cards, and anything else I was asked for.  This came to an abrupt end when I found out I was pregnant with triplets, so my whole focus shifted onto them and then onto my fourth daughter when she arrived.  Art was still part of our lives, in the early days with messy play or painting with water outside for less washing.  As they got older I got my creative fix by helping out at school with decorations for discos, costumes and sets for plays.  Now it’s time to learn again, develop new techniques, experiment with different media, research and take inspiration from other artists and figure out what my style is and where this path will take me.

My first step is with OCA and a foundation drawing course.  Here goes…


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