1 April 2018

A quick 10 minute sketch of one of my daughters, who wouldn’t sit still for too long.  Although it was a quick sketch and doesn’t represent her completely, there is a likeness.  It would be interesting to have a longer amount of time to see if I can capture a true likeness of her at some point, but I like the looseness to the drawing.


6th April 2018

A sketch whilst waiting at the hospital.  I struggled to create the texture of the clothing in a short space of time.  Would have also been better with more depth to the shadows.


24th – 27th April 2018

Looking in more detail at facial features, I found the YouTube videos of Proko and worked through a tutorial of how to recreate an eye.  This technique started by drawing the full socket including the eyebrow and side of nose rather than beginning with the actual eye shape. I think it gives a realistic look.  I would have liked a finer pencil for the eyelashes, but in the tutorial they are more of a blur than a detail too. This was created holding the pencil more on it’s side, held from above.


These were also from YouTube tutorials:

27th April 2018

Another quick sketch of my daughters, I really need to practice sketching moving objects/people.  The head shape on the left is completely off and dominates the picture.  I found an explanation of head shapes looking from the side which was really useful.  Just need to put it into practice!