29th April – 1st May

I bought some Staedtler Mars Lumograph black pencils to see how they compared to normal graphite pencils.  Here’s the comparison side-by-side:


I then tried a quick portrait sketch.  I think graphite works better, but maybe for the hair and darker parts of the eyes, the black pencils could be added in.


I then experimented further using different black pencils – 2B, 4B and 8B to see the different tonal qualities.  I think the main part of the pencil looks as though it could’ve been drawn with normal graphite pencils, the black end of the pencil though, is more of a black than I think could be achieved with graphite without having that shiny effect from too much pressure.  I was really happy with the look of this pencil.


As you can see above in the squares I tested how effective the lifting off technique was with the black pencils as it seemed to work well on the pencil drawing.  It was harder to get a pure white, but with the contrast of the black, it works well.