18th March 2018

Looking back through earlier mark making exercises where we were encouraged to ‘find’ the picture inspired me to experiment in my recycled sketchbook using marks of watercolour pencils.

As the book is called ‘South with Scott’, I decided to start with the letter ‘S’ and a green pencil, putting a line through all of the ‘S’s on the page.  I then took a different shade of green and marked close to the previous ones and continued in this way until I’d used all of my green pencils.  Then it was time to ‘find’ the picture, turning the book, squinting and looking to see what I could find within the marks.


When on it’s side it reminded me of a picture I’d seen some time ago of trees in the woods with the sun shining through.  I decided to see if I could make a similar effect by continuing with making lines in various colours.  I tried to add darker tones towards the left of the page using browns and blues and included some red to add a depth of colour and richness.  Towards the sunlight I chose more orange and paler green tones and made the tree trunks more of a burgundy/pink than brown.


In a way the softness of the lines are similar to the effect of a Georges Seurat piece.  I like the overall look of it, but it took quite a while to fill the whole page.  I like how the darker areas hide the writing, almost like a mysterious dark wood hiding a secret.