5th March 2018

Experimenting with pen and water to dilute the line and create shadows.

This was also my first nude drawing.  I went straight in with the pen, rather than drawing a pencil outline first and was really pleased with how it turned out. The water created a really nice effect.  I like the way some lines have diluted to a blue colour and the watermarks range from a purple hue to a red colour.



Although I didn’t create a full wash over the page, just a light one to the right of the body and therefore the highlighted areas are the same as the background, the shoulder and face really seem to stand out as thought the light is shining right onto them.

I then tried layering colours of ink with no preliminary drawing to create a very quick and loose figure.  The body is a bit out of proportion, but I really like the colours.  I added the blue background at the end which really added a different dimension to the picture and thought the splattering of ink would add a bit more texture as it all looked a bit soft and needed breaking up a little.


I wanted the figure to stand out a little more so I added charcoal and chalk to add some depth and extra highlights.