25th January 2018

Putting my first drawing in my sketchbook was a real hassle!  It’s one of those things that I kept telling myself to just get something in there, but what?

Eventually I drew a 20 minute sketch in graphite just to get the first white page filled in!


The building looks a little flat, and the foreground needs working on, but the idea was to get something down and quickly so as not to be too stiff.  At some point it would be interesting to go back and rework it, adding more to the side and the front of the building, and loosening up the building and shadows.

30th January 2018

I then went on to experiment with coloured pencils.


I used watercolour pencils and tried adding water to the second apple. I didn’t realise how bright the colours would be so it looks a little unrealistic. Next time I’ll tone down the colours to allow for it, or good to know for a more vibrant effect.