1st February 2018

Experimenting with oil pastels.  I found it difficult to add detail to the flowers, and they lost some of their delicate colours.  Watercolour would have worked better to give a more natural look, but I am pleased with the effect, especially of the darker purple flowers.  I need to practise with oil pastels and try blending.


These flowers were done on A4 textured paper.

Six Corners Experiments

I did some trial sketches for my 1.3 Six corners project, to practise techniques for the tile mosaics and the trees, having not used charcoal since being at school, I wanted to try things out before putting them onto the A2 picture.




26th February 2018

Things have been busy working on Assignment 1 and I suddenly realised there hasn’t been a lot of action in my sketchbooks, aside from coursework.  My tutor advised that I should use more variety of pencils, and hold the pencil in different ways to create a variety of strokes and interesting effects.

These portraits sketches were done very quickly, holding the pencil towards the top, rather than like you would hold it when writing. I avoided erasing marks to give a looser feel to the pictures.  The first portrait doesn’t have as much depth, the shading behind the head really should be darker to make the face stand out more.


27th February 2018

Another quick portrait using 3B and 8B pencils, holding the pencils higher up and trying to keep the motion loose.